Book writer and movies writer

January 26, 2010 8:29am CST
Do you think that who write movies story he/she can also write a books. Is it smiler or difference? If they are not same then which one is doing best? Or for you which one is best? Both are same work? Do you think that Both get same respect?
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• United States
30 Jan 10
There are a few people who do both, but they are very different. With movies, usually as soon as the script leaves the original writer's hands then it's subject to re-writes and edits made by directors, producers, and actors improvising. There are a lot of changes made a script in which the writer has no say. A movie is a million ideas coming together to make one vision. A book is one idea branching off into a million visions. I think books are better, to be honest. Scripts are shorter and focus more on visually explaining things and writing good dialogue. In books everything has to be described and explained. I think books get more respect, although I do respect script writers because they do a lot of work on their baby only to have some director come along and think he can write it better.