What did you think of the film Eragon?

January 26, 2010 3:30pm CST
I know it was out a while ago but I recently watched it. What were your views on the film? Is there a second part because the way it ended was very open?
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• Australia
26 Jan 10
I thought it was an okay movie.There should be a sequel since there's a 2 more books after Eragon:Eldest and Brisingr. I didn't really like the book,believe me I've tried to read once when I was in year 11 which was about 4 years ago.It was boring as hell so I sold my copy heaps long ago.
27 Jan 10
I did not even know that there was a book...lol just sure the film.
26 Jan 10
I Don't Remember About That Movie,But The Name I Hear Before... About What This Movie is? :)
27 Jan 10
check out this link: www.imdb.com/title/tt0449010/
@maezee (33294)
• United States
26 Jan 10
I didn't really have any views about the film, and I saw it right when it came to theater with my 7 year old sister..So the details are fuzzy (we go to a lot of movies. lol.) I definitely remember it being cute, although a little much for a then-5 or 6 year old (She got a little bored, suprisingly) but totally loved the talking dragon. Hopefully they will come out with a sequel, as I thought it was a pretty good movie!
27 Jan 10
I did think the dragon was the best character in the film, lol
@jrmika (60)
11 Oct 12
I think Eragon movie was completely pointless and bad.because I already read the books and I'm the fan of Eragon,I really hope that the movie will be success just like TLOTR.but for me it's really disappointed.I'm not enthusiast if they'll make a second part.
4 Mar 10
I only wish there was second. It would be good to continue with all of the books. Also, they kind of messed somethings up in the movie.