mylot help

January 27, 2010 8:04am CST
Hi guys. Can someone explain to me how mylot works? My basic idea on the whole scenario is that we exchange discussions and we get paid in return? How do you measure payment? Is it my replies/discussions posted? How do you earn more from mylot?
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@owlwings (39875)
• Cambridge, England
27 Jan 10
You are paid according to your participation. In other words, you are paid for posting responses and comments to discussions and also for discussions that you post yourself. There is no set amount. Payment is based on quality and is calculated using a sophisticated proprietary algorithm that we are not allowed to discuss. You are also paid when you add photos to your discussions (and to responses and comments when you reach a user rating of 500). It is very important to read the Discussion Guidelines. Anything that violates them is liable to be deleted and, of course, you will not earn from anything that it deleted! Most of the questions that are asked by newcomers are answered in the FAQs, so it is important to refer to those, too. You can find links to the Guidelines and the FAQs at the bottom of every page and links to most of what you need to know on the tab marked 'myLot' top right.