How to face an annoying friend?

January 28, 2010 4:56am CST
I have a friend. She's one of my best friend, but lately she's so annoying. She has a new boyfriend. I feel happy that she has a boyfriend. But I don't understand what she wants from me. She always says everything what she does with him, IN DETAILS. For your information, I don't have a boyfriend. Ok, let's continue. You know, when she tells me her love story with his boyfriend, i feel that she wants to make me jealous with everything she has now. That's suck. I think she never know what i feel when i heard all her stories, sometimes i think that she's really mean to me. So now, i keep apart from her, i never online regularly on messenger, coz i always find her there, n when she find me online, she will start to tell everything about her love, and sometimes she repeats her story for couple times. But I don't want to hurt her. I still want to be her best friend.
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@dreamnishu (1253)
• China
28 Jan 10
You do very good things. Actually there is some people who engage with relation only because they want to make story or tell the story to other. Sometime they engage because they want to prove that she is very beautiful her boyfriend is crazy on her. I think actually they don't love there boyfriend too.
• Indonesia
28 Jan 10
you are totally right. She always says to me that her boyfriend always says that she's so beautiful. I really know her, and thats true that she wants to make a prove that she can get the best think in the world such as handsome and rich boyfriend. Yesterday, she told me that her boyfriend bought her a ring and today she said that he bought her a necklace. But I still don't understand, why she did this to me? I never mean to her, in my opinion. But i dont know if she think that im a mean girl
• China
29 Jan 10
i think she is not wise to do this,destroy the friendship which you two keep for a long time ,just because a new boyfriend, i see you still treasure the friendship,i suggest you try to not hurt her,be more patience until she find you are still very important to her.
@owlwings (39362)
• Cambridge, England
28 Jan 10
I don't think that she means to make you jealous. It's just that her head is full of this guy and the only thing she wants to talk about is him/them (in detail!). Maybe, even, she's looking for your approval that she really is doing the right thing .. . some people do that when they are really a little unsure of themselves and without realising at all that that is what they are needing from other people.