Nikon or Canon

January 28, 2010 9:33am CST
In buying D-SLRs, which brand do you prefer: Canon or Nikon? Why? What makes the other better than the other one?
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@chadott (61)
• United States
4 Mar 10
I use Canon, mostly because that is what I first bought, and had lenses for that first camera and kind of felt obligated to continue with them because I couldn't start all over if I switched. Often I wish I would have taken the time to try both first and then decide. But I didn't. Once I was in a Best Buy, and I grabbed a Nikon on display. I am not sure what model it was, but it appeared to be roughly the same size body as my 40d. I turned it on and panned the room, trying to get something in focus. I must admit, I was unable to figure out how the AF worked! I asked the kid working the camera department, and he told me that dSLR cameras such as that didn't have AF. And he was working the CAMERA department! I pretty much decided right there that I would never ask anyone at Best Buy for advice on anything! But regardless, I never did figure out how to focus that camera automatically. So I guess I will always be a Canon guy. I just wish everything wasn't so darn expensive!
@skyreth (26)
• Indonesia
1 Feb 10
i think both brand is good and have their own specialty. for me personally, i'll chose canon because nikon is heavier than canon. besides, the first camera i'd used was canon so i've got used to its interface. :)
@nykel88 (1003)
• Philippines
30 Jan 10
For me canon is the best. I usually browse reviews about canon and nikon and here is what I have notice as in experience: Canon - advantage: good sharpness, nice capture of lightings, good highlights, best in portrait photography, good in macro photography, have more gear and are most compatible to external flashes, outstanding lenses, low nois. disadvantage - lense kits may not last long, Lenses are very expensive, Flashes are also expensive, skin color or color toning is a little red (depending on what canon cam your using) Now for the Nikon - advantage: brilliant colors, color correction is good, good for landscape photography, good picture quality, good lense kits, fair prices on lenses and flashes. disadvantage - not sharp enough quality, high in noise, big expensive bodies, Heavy body. Since I like portrait photography I weigh canon more than nikon to be best so it is now depending on you what you really like to capture. Read more reviews on other sites or ask photographers or experts about this. Hope you find this informative and helped you decide.
@Torunn (2810)
• Norway
28 Jan 10
I'm a Canon geek so I'd say Canon, but really, it's more a question about what you prefer. Some things are better with Canon, some things are better with Nikon and some things are just a bit different but as good in both. If you want to buy one, see if you can try one of each to see which one suits you better.