Do you get spam mails on Yahoomail?

January 29, 2010 8:54am CST
Hi fellow mylotters! There is a problem with Yahoomail lately. I receive tons of spam messages. I thought yahoomail is good at preventing spam messages in your mail. Today I just receive credit card advertisements, life plans, and gadget news which as far as I now I never subscribed on them. What's wrong with yahoo's spam guard. So right now I'm sticking to my nifty and goo mails. How about you? Do you get spam mails too?
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@zandi458 (27952)
• Malaysia
30 Jan 10
I still maintain my gmail account and compared to yahoo, I think spam messages have been under control. My yahoo is also loaded with spam mails.
• Japan
30 Jan 10
Hi zandi458! I heard gmail is good at preventing spam mails, but I still haven't tried it since I had Goo and nifty mails. Today's yahoo spam protection is really getting weaker. Have a nice day!
@nautilus33 (1831)
29 Jan 10
~hI! yes, i do get spam mails on my yahoo mail, but they are only few for about a week, and it is so maybe, because of that, that i don't use it to register to some forums or sites,I just use it to communicate with my colleagues. And when I see there are spam messages in my spam box, I even don't read them just delete the whole "spam box" and read the mails from the "inbox"!!! ~
• Japan
30 Jan 10
Hi nautilus33! Most mails on the spam folder are really spam mails, so I delete them without second thoughts. But those on my inbox are mixed with my regular mails. I think I should inform my contacts that I switched to my nifty mail before abandoning it for good! Happy mylotting!
• Indonesia
29 Jan 10
Yeah. That Spam mail is really disgusting like: "Congrats You Win $1,000,000,000,000,000,000" Oh, I know it's fake. That Spam email is really disturb me. You know, I never care about this SPAM. Simply, just delete them away!
• Japan
30 Jan 10
Hi andryan7legends! It really annoys me because those spam mails are on my inbox instead of the spam folder. I do delete them but they really are annoying..
• Sri Lanka
10 Feb 10
Sachii, you can go to Yahoomail Options and enable spam filtering and 95% of spam would be stopped. You can either move them to a spam folder to set it to automatically delete them. But, this is not that recommended as sometimes even genuine e-mail gets moved to spam folder.
• Philippines
7 Feb 10
Hi I got many spam mails on my yahoomail. I just deleted 15 spam mails just today alone! I've been thinking I will be switching to gmail now. Have a nice day!