Guys how you court a woman?

January 29, 2010 9:31am CST
Hmmm I am a woman so I will tell how a man court me.One man that I cannot forget how he court me because he was the first one who try heheh to court me. He pass a letter for me while in our class and there is no name included in the letter. So I was curious who was that and then when the class ends he comes right to me and ask me if he could date me... waaaahh so shock he is my friend and don't know what will I say so I said yes because If I say No what would be his reaction and I don't know how will I tell. I don't like him to be as my boyfriend but I want him to be my friend because he is so nice to me. And then the day comes...After our class he go right to me again in a hurry and get my bag and everything so my friends and classmates really teasing us. So we go.. First thing that we do is we eat at a restaurant then talk about one another interest and it was fun. Then we watch movie, play arcade and and he play drums because he is a drummer. And after we date he told me that he would brought me home. And I told him that he doesn't need to do that because his house is far from us then he told me ok. So when I got inside the bus, guess what he follow me inside and that is really sweet he really insist to brought me safe in our home. And then he ask me if he have a chance? OMG don't know what to say because I don't like him to be my boyfriend but to be my friend. So I told him that I am not ready for having a relationship I really appreciate and do like you ... (to be my friend but didn't told him) but it's just that I'm really not ready. I can be your best friend that you can count on always. And then he is sad so I hug him and told him that I really appreciate everything and I kiss him in his chick. That's it :) So for guys how you court a woman? If you are a woman how a man court you?
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• Philippines
30 Jan 10
i court the woman on the way it is nice to her not only nice to me but nice to us. so im gonna tell him of she wanted to do. so wen always do that thing and love that also. for that we can be closed and become friends.
@torajiro (24)
• Indonesia
30 Jan 10
this is my opinion. You must know,if he really love you? or just like you? someone who genuinely love other people would be willing to sacrifice everything for the people who loved it.. including sacrificing his life. If he really love you sincerely you should think again.. whether you can be happy leter if you have to life with that person? If not leave him now before it becomes deeper.. why? because all of your future happiness.If you think can life happily with him later.. why do you not think to try accept the man in your life? maybe the love that will grow in your heart overtime..
@zandi458 (27952)
• Malaysia
30 Jan 10
Don't give him false hope. You have to be honest with him before he commit himself fully to you.
• India
29 Jan 10
i saw ur profile seems.. and to be honest i felt like u look good ... well my girl too had a similar problem as ur .. she had a friend who propsed her and after she told him that she doesn't think about him as a partner so he became rude and now he has become a big headache for my girl friend. anyways i think now i will have to take this case in my custody and solve it for her because i dont want much problem for her now. well for me i always flirt around with girls hehe ... i dont go to dirty talks but its just fun so i do it .. my girlfriend knows abt this and she is comfortable with it because she knows that im truthful in our relation. she teases me sometimes with other girls hehe its real fun. AS far as im concerned to force a girl to be in a relation , i haven't done that ever nor can i do things because i dont believe in forced relations, u can bring out the love inside a person only she/he loves u with all their souls :) . happy day