Payment Failure

January 31, 2010 7:26am CST
I was about to pay or upgrade my account to my favorite earning program I click the button pay by Paypal then I see this message "Update or your credit or debit card" and this message"Please enter a new expiration date and CSC value for this credit or this debit card.My account has a fund of $5.00,my question do you need to update your Paypal account with either virtual credit card or virtual debit card from time to time for no hassle transaction,my online friend is who gave me it with short expiration date for 5 months,entering a new value for it is impossible since my online friend give entering new expiration date for the month and year and value for the csc is impossible I think I don`t know if it is a reloadable vcc,To know my question just concentrate on this question,Does it is needed that the vcc of your Payapl account is always updated for no delay transaction.My vcc expired already but it has an amount inside I was not able to pay for upgrade to my favorite earning program.Waiting for reply!!
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@hexeduser22 (5853)
• Philippines
31 Jan 10
Well as pupud said I think you need to buy another VCC for you to use your verified Paypal account yet again. If you cannot purchase another VCC then try contacting Paypal on how to withdraw your money
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@Hatley (164389)
• Garden Grove, California
2 Feb 10
golddigger one do you have a bank account, if so you can link paypal to your bank account and you will not need a credit or debit card, just the info about your bank account then paypal will deposit a tiny amount of money say five cent to your account and if it shows up you let pay pal know and you can then withdraw your cash into your bank account.
@pupupd (1517)
• India
31 Jan 10
Yes VCC have this kind of problem. One of my friends used it once and he too faced similar problem. He bought a VCC for 5$ and it had a validity of 3 months. But it expired within 1 or 2 months. So such VCC don't gaurantee you full time validity. They expire quite before the time mentioned. You will need to contact paypal in order to get your money back.