did you get any knowledge from mylot computer discussion?

February 1, 2010 6:50am CST
did you get any knowledge ever from any discussion from mylot computer discussions. please share your experience. i think it is very useful discussions as we are sharing the information as well as we are getting money for it.
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• Singapore
11 Feb 10
so far, the only one I come across is new to me is the notepad codes. Other than that, most of the things are already what I know.
@slovenc1 (2091)
• Slovenia
2 Feb 10
Yes i did get some helpful tips. My pc was loud and a user told me that probably my cpu fan needed replacement and it did. I spent hours cleaning my pc and installing software to speed it up and even bought a cpu paste and replaced the old paste with new one. But cpu and any other fans become louder and slower with years. When i replaced my cpu fan the pc got cooler and wasn't so loud anymore.
@kaka135 (14131)
• Malaysia
2 Feb 10
Well, I do get some knowledge and help from mylot computer discussions here. Whenever I need some help in any topics, I just posted my queries, and the members here are very helpful to give me advice or suggestions. Also, there are many computer experts here, and we will definitely learn from them.
@kaylachan (4776)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
2 Feb 10
Not really I'm normally the one dishing out the help and advice. If it looks like a discussion's been resolved then I normally don't respond to it. Why repeat myself? Despite it being against my lot rules, people still ask the same old questions because searching through discussions that are years old is very time-consuming and they would rather just start new".
• Indonesia
2 Feb 10
one thing for more benefit join in mylot is make relation with other people in other country, share beneficence and share experiance
@rsa101 (16743)
• Quezon City, Philippines
2 Feb 10
Well here in Mylot the discussion can go beyond just computers but anything under the sun. That is why I really could not pinpoint certain topics because discussion and learning is very broad. But I do accept that I learned something in here. But if you would like a true PC problem solving forum there are sites that offer like that for free.
@Hazelrose (2185)
• Philippines
1 Feb 10
Hi pradip2405,Welcome to mylot!Yes,i've learned many things here in participating the diccussion.It develops my skills and i got also links to earn from a friend here in mylot.Good luck!