If given a chance, which instrument would you love to play?

February 3, 2010 3:20am CST
Let us assume that God has given us a wish to play any instrument we want to play, which instument would you play? I would love to play the accoustic guitar and the drums! I also want to become a MEGADETH artist but that is just not possible! I am getting my own guitar this year!
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@Torunn (2810)
• Norway
3 Feb 10
I'd like to be better to play the instruments I already play (piano, French horn) and I'd love to be able to sing in tune. I hear that I'm out of tune and often whether I'm flat or sharp, but I'm unable to get it right. I could possibly practice, but it would be much funnier if by some miracle I suddenly became able to sing in tune :-)
• India
3 Feb 10
If given a chance then I would love to play guitar as it is my dream to play a guitar but any how I am not able to learn as I am thinking now that after completing my studies I will learn to play it and given a chance then would like to make my career in it.Once I got the chance to play the guitar and I played it well as my friend taught me how to play.It was a different experience as I saw any one playing the guitar in TV then an erg comes from inside that I also should play it.