do keep used plastics?

February 3, 2010 6:54am CST
hi all! do you keep used plastics? these may be plastic containers of shampoos, lotions, etc, or juice bottles, pet bottles, etc. do you keep them and sell them for recycling? i do. but i don't really sell them. i just keep them and collect them and give them to a school's fund raising project. if i sell them myself, i would not really make much but if i contribute it to the school, they will make bigger money as they could pool all those who contribute these plastic containers for recycling. in our kitchen and bedroom, i have a big plastic bag where with put all these plastic containers and packagings. it is my own little way to help save the environment. it also helps in the school's fundraising. it is just a little effort from myself but it will go a long way in saving the environment for future generations. just imagine if everybody does this, right? anyway, how about you? what do you do with empty plastic containers? do you collect them and sell them for recycling or do you donate them to a materials recovery facility? take care all and God bless you! let us do our share to help save the environment for our children and their children. keep on mylotting!
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@ratyz5 (7829)
• Philippines
13 Feb 10
Well, I think we do and they are already cluttering at our backyard.. they are mostly plastic bottles of soft drinks, 1.5 liters, detergents, shampoo bottles too I think. My mom really wants to get rid of all of them but, I think it will just pile and pile up until my brother decides to sell them all. One time, I did just that and I got into it so much, I flattened all the plastic bottles like what they do when they buy them from us. It was fun..
@haplo32 (23)
• Canada
5 Feb 10
I keep used plastic and recycle as much as i can. In Dawson Creek we have a depot so its not to bad. I take them all my plastics, paper, glass and any metals. They prepare it and truck it to edmonton to be reused. They also have a place to bring lawn clippings and other yard waste which is mulched and sold to the city for their gardening. It doesn't take much time or effort on my part and I feel good doing something.
@youless (93111)
• Guangzhou, China
4 Feb 10
I don't keep the used plastics because when I buy the new stuff, I will have one more plastic stuff. I will sell the used plastics so that they can be recycled. At least it is something good for the environment. I love China
@thebestmom (1105)
• Philippines
3 Feb 10
yes, we keep all kinds of plastics, including plastic bags. we sell them. if there is a need to donate, i donate it. i just want it to be recycled to save our earth. i agree with you in saving the environment . keep it up!!
@1hopefulman (31632)
• Canada
3 Feb 10
Since I have adopted the diet of eating mostly fresh fruits and vegetables I have very little plastic containers. When I buy strawberries or other berries and I do get some plastic containers than I just recycle them. This kind of lifestyle at this time suits me just fine.