I started evaluating myself, do you do the same after reading some odd topic....

February 4, 2010 7:17am CST
We all must have encountered with such situation and as a human nature we starts evaluating ourselves against the topic or the subject that we read or deal with,and get hesitant that whether we belong to, or not to the group or topic that is been in question...... Yes the topic is about DEPRESSION AND NET SAVVY: Yesterday while I was reading the topic on the newspaper I was bit amazed to know that in most of the case those who are on the Net are found to be depressed lot, its a negative strait theirs no doubt about it now the question is we all those who are on the social-Networking do we fall under this category,like the mylot and numerous such sites. Negative stigma that's been associated with the people and more we read the more we discover the negatives like the people of this groups are in the age of 18 to 55 or so,these net-savvy people generally surf on the net or socialize on the net or go through the fantasies-sites which is not true in real life....... Hence under such circumstance the socializing sites be banned on the net....???
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@drannhh (15240)
• United States
4 Feb 10
I saw that article and considered the reasoning SO fallacious. Just because sojme of the people who have depression seek solace from the kinds of activities available online, including social activities, do not mean there is a cause and effect relationship between the two. Of course I am outside the age group in that study, but even so, I think I have spent more time on the internet that many of the members here have spent on planet earth, and I am a naturally happy person, and nothing about the internet is going to change that. Also, there is no way that socializing sites could ever be banned where I live because then they would have to banish TV watching and yackking on the phone and quite a few other activities, too. I think that there will be some regulation of casinos and maybe some of the game sites that promote violent or perverse fantasies, but in general, I think that with its good and with its bad, the internet is here to stay. Progress cannot be put back in the box once the box has been opened up to the world.
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• India
5 Feb 10
Neither I am in favor or against it(survey result) b'coz I am not in the position to make the judgment in fact these social-police,who are making and analyzing upon the Net-zen and putting/grouping all of us into such categories which I too believe that's totally unfair and cannot be true,up to some aspect the assumption by these social policing is quite true. In fact I got somewhat irritated after going through the subject and started analyzing about myself...... The population of this world can be grouped in different different forms or categories, about which; we shouldn't be bothering about it,they are doing their job and we are doing our job after all socializing is not a crime. So happy myloting.