I wanna a digital camera

February 5, 2010 12:27am CST
Frankly speaking,I'v learnt little about digital camera,It's said that brand is very important,right?just like Sony,Canon.But as to me,Price is the most important. How can I choose from a large various types? What brand,type with bargain? Any advice for me? Well appreciated Daniel
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• Australia
7 Feb 10
THere are plenty of bargains to be had, and most reputable brands make fine cameras. The difference in price comes down to features. Work out your budget, and look carefully at the kind of pictures you are going to be taking. Once you get that far, there are a few basics to think about: 1 The Sensor: more than 10 megapixels on a typical camera leads to worse (NOT BETTER) pictures, especially when the light is low (packing a lot of microscopic light sensitive cells into a tiny area generates heat which degrades the image) 2 Optical Zoom is useful, but digital zoom is NOT. 3x zoom is standard, but more is better 3 An eye-level viewfinder is a bonus; it is very hard to see the screen in bright sun 4 Check shutter lag: the camera should fire when you press the shutter button, not a few moments later 5 Better cameras focus quickly, even in low light, and even when the telephoto lens is extended. Slow or unreliable focus adds to shutter lag. Among the cheaper cameras, Canon, Nikon, Sony and Panasonic are particularly good. Cameras from phone companies are a worry - lots of features, but poor pictures. Olympus should also be on your short list. In mid range cameras, Nikon and Pentax are good, but Panasonic and Canon top the list, and draw further away from the crowd the more you spend. When you get into the DSLR area, Nikon and Canon are king with Sony, Pentax and Panasonic nipping at their heels.
@LaurenInLA (2272)
• United States
6 Feb 10
There is an expression that is appropriate here and it is "You get what you pay for." I guarantee you that if your prime consideration is price, you will be purchase a camera of very poor quality and you will be disappointed. That being said, you can't go wrong with a Sony or a Canon. IMO, both companies make the best quality, most user friendly digital cameras on the market. I used to sell cameras for a major retail chain and those brands were the ones that I always tried to sell. I always knew that I would have a satisfied customer. Another recommendation that I would make is that you purchase a camera that uses a lithium ion rechargeable battery versus one that uses the AA batteries. Digital cameras suck up a lot of juice from the AA's and you will find that you will have to change them a lot (usually good for 15-20 pictures). What I do is charge my battery after each use and the day before I'm going to use it. If I take it on vacation, I charge the battery every night. I've never had a problem. I personally own a Sony but the one downside to a Sony is the recording medium. Sony is the only camera that uses a memory stick and those can be pricey. The memory cards that the Canon uses are less expensive and generic brands are readily available. Once you get a digital camera, you will never go back to another kind. You will love it. Best of luck to you.