What is a good website to read astronomy news

February 6, 2010 4:12am CST
I know space.com is one but is there something else other than there?
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• United States
29 Jul 10
A great place for any thing space or astronomy is Bad Astronomy. The website is crawling with scientists and people in love with planets, space, and telescopes. - http://www.bautforum.com/
@xfahctor (14130)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
19 Feb 11
I LOVE this place! I have not found a better source for astronomic information yet. Great people there too, always willing to answer any question. One of the sections I frequent is the astro-photography section. There is some amazing work in there. I think my favorite section though is the "conspiracy theory" section. I love watching theses guys absolutely and mercilessly shred some of the lunacy that people bring in there, It's even funnier when the theory purporters begin calling them "paid shills"...lol.
• Philippines
20 Feb 11
Your critisism was valid in 1964. I will have something to say to mother when she refuse my plans. http://www.bautforum.com/showthread.php/112714-Coincidence-suggests-connection-between-anomalous-secular-trends
• United States
21 Feb 11
Sadly, the Boutforum can go right over your head as there are scientists who use language that is often more suitable for their own ilk. If you want an explanation for the 8th grade reading level, you might want to head toward The James Randi Educational Foundation. The language there is a tad saltier, although there's no exact use of the "seven deadly words". ~ http://forums.randi.org/
@genki_7 (139)
• Canada
16 Apr 10
I like this one: www.skynewsmagazine.com/ I used to be a subscriber to Sky News magazine. It's Canadian, and a good one!
• Philippines
6 May 10
thanks genki your site have nice pictures of space. love it
• Portugal
27 Mar 10
There are several ones, It may depend on the sort of technicality you want to read. If you want just news, you can go to --- not referral links --- space.com, nasa.org, http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/space/skyatnight/, etc...
• Philippines
7 Apr 10
i checked out that from bbc and it refreshed me. thanks for the link.