Computer VS Laptop; which more comfortable for browsing Internet?

@ridwan08 (1184)
February 6, 2010 6:42am CST
Hi MyLotter, everday we browsing internet for job,entertaintment and many more,if we browsing internet of course want more comfortable to browsing Internet,which more comfortable for you,using Computer or Laptop?give me some reason why? Good Luck
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@bairuv (102)
• India
17 Feb 10
laptop is best and covinient to work if ur using internet ,tere should be a good anti that ur laptop works good and laptop its portable and u can carry every were, were d o u like?.its personal again
• Indonesia
17 Feb 10
Well i actually more prefer to browse from PC with LCD screen ( My LCD Screen is 19 inch ), since i already used using key board. I don't really enjoy viewing from laptop coz the screen size is so small. But laptop on the other hand, is good when you need to access internet in mall or cafe, where there is almost no way you could do that from PC at your home.
@Adam2010 (29)
• China
9 Feb 10
obviously ,the desktop computer is better than Laptop. First of all the Desktop's screen is biger than Laptop. the most inportant is the Moniter for browsing internet . hope it is useful for u .
• Philippines
7 Feb 10
If you are at the office, I would prefer a computer because it's much more easier to type using a full-sized keyboard, but if you are at home I would prefer using a laptop because you can sit anywhere you like. You can even do your work at bed during the night. You can find it out for yourself which suites you. I use my laptop a lot when browsing the net.
@nophie (2338)
• Indonesia
6 Feb 10
i prefer laptop, because it's comfortable i think, and i can imagine if we have to take computer to anywhere we go. LOl....
@icecubic (1851)
• Indonesia
6 Feb 10
I prefer laptop as it's very portable to use in hot spot area to get wi fi connection. But if you surfing internet i suggest using dekstop, it's about life supplier like battery in laptop can't be used for a long time. And about the connection i think these are similar each other, just depends on your hardware.
@rsa101 (16851)
• Quezon City, Philippines
6 Feb 10
I find laptops very convenient since I can bring it anywhere i like to use it. I used to have desktop at home but when my sister gave me a laptop I can feel and see the big difference. I could connect to the internet wirelessly. With desktops they are either stuck at one corner of you home and bringing it where you wanted it would be difficult because of all the wires connected to it. Although when your talking about durability desktops are I guess more durable. The hardware are not easily broken down maybe because they have a sturdy casing and because it is immobile then the small parts are not easily broken because of that.