Best Dialogue ever in films !

February 8, 2010 4:06am CST
post the dialogue which u like the most in films ! 1.When u gotta shoot., Shoot Don't talk ! - " Film : The Good,Bad and the Ugly " 2.There are three ways of doing things here., - " Film : Casino " 1.The Right way 2.The Wrong way and 3.THE WAY I DO 3.THE FIRST 10 MINUTES FROM THE " RESERVOIR DOGS "
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@mythociate (15962)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
12 Jan 11
Al Pacino in The Devil's Advocate
@Rtlsnk316 (1197)
• Mexico
8 Feb 10
How about the trial scene in "A few good man" between Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson? That one is legendary already.
• Indonesia
8 Feb 10
In the movie " Stepmother ", played by Julia Roberts and Susan Sarrandon. Dying Susan trying to calm Julia down ( she was worrying about step daughter that would miss her mom in the future ) by saying : " Don't be worrying things, I have their ( kids ) past and you have their future " I would say this dialogue is just perfectly represent the good understanding between mother and stepmother. Every time I watch this scene, I will wet my eyes a bit.
@daliaj (5689)
• India
8 Feb 10
I don't have a best dialogue to share with you. One dialogue which came to my mind when I saw your discussion is one from the movie Stuward Little. I rarely watch kids movies or animation movies.I watched this movie along with my room mate. She heard a lot about the movie and wanted to watch it badly. The dialogue that interested me is something like this. Stuward says at one point of time after losing his gf the bird, "I am not a human to ignore my loved one".