i feel so stupid!!!

@ifa225 (11098)
February 8, 2010 9:38pm CST
i know this man from Facebook, at first he call me everyday, send me message about ten till twenty per day. almost two months we closed like this. i feel so glad about this. i feel like having a best friend that i can trust. But then he gone just like the wind blows. i feel missing. but i try to convince my self we are just friend, not a best friend. what would you do if you face this kinda man?
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@heroshen (146)
• Reunion
9 Feb 10
move on with your life & find/wait for another one ,quite common to meet such situation in social networking site.
@dcsinfo (55)
• India
9 Feb 10
I think you make friendship on facebook and keet it too facebook only do not take on heart. because lot of fraud people at net so you may be cheated by some one so keep you life safe always. Make friend who meat you actually and love you actually. You try to select people who love you even you do not love them.
• Philippines
9 Feb 10
You just met him at Facebook? Well in my opinion, friendships like that don't really go deep, especially if you haven't met each other face to face. Maybe after a few months, he met someone else, also in Facebook, whom he is more interested in. Just a thought, be careful in forming friendships with people you just met over the Internet. I'm not saying all are bad, it's just that in most cases, friendships formed on the Internet don't really go as deep.
@cryw0lf (1302)
• United Kingdom
9 Feb 10
Maybe this man was more interested in something other then friendship. What exactly do you mean he just disappeared? If he wanted something more then friendship then he's sort of given up hope of getting with you. There are many things that could explain his disappearance. Have you ever thought he could have been involved in a road accident or something?
@shan0822 (436)
• United States
9 Feb 10
I think it's common, when I first sepearate with one of my friend, we just talk a lot from online, but one monthe or less, we just don't cheat so much anymore. Maybe he had more stuff to do, or have no topic to talk anymore. Just use to it, friend just one part of life not all.