which cell phone company is the best as on date

@SM5550 (118)
February 9, 2010 9:10am CST
Which cell phone company do you think is the best as on date... because i want to buy one for myself... please help me
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@kaylachan (4776)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
11 Feb 10
It depends on what you want before picking a provider. A lot of providers offer the same services and what not. Just about every provider for example offers some form of pre-paid no-contract phone. The prices vary from provider to provider, and some are nearly the same, but the trick is knowing the pine print before selecting a phone. I myself bounced around three different providers before I settled on T-mobile. T-mobile is great for me because it has the coverage I need at a price I can afford. I get two lines, for 120 (after tax) unlimited talk anytime day or night, this means unlimited anytime, unlimited nights, and unlimited weekends. I am spending 15 for text messaging, and the rest is in taxes and fees. If you live in the Us, there is a 50 cent service tax for the 911 service. This tax is for anyone who has ANY phone and goes twards the free program where they hand non-activated cell phones to women, and those who are in need for the soul purpose of calling 911. Where I live in Florida, there is a state and county tax just for the privlage of having the phone. Again this is completely based on location, so not all places have this fee. So thease are things you have to consider when buying a phone. Mind you in addition to having some kind of service agreement, you have to buy the phone itself. Phone prices very based on provider, features, and new vs old. Older phones tend to be much cheeper then just-recently-released phones. The more features you want the higher the price. So before you buy a phone ask yourself this. What will you be using the phone for? What features could you do without, and what features could you not? Is price a problem? This will narrow down your search. And remember many companies may offer the same, but remember the fine print. If you see a symbol next to an offer, their is usually fine print you have to keep in mind. Know what you're doing read it and make sure you understand it.
• India
11 Feb 10
In my opinion dont go for nokia... although it is one of the biggest companies of the world but it is selling cheap quality phones(defected phones) that are made in china(this is being done especially in India).. If you want a cheap handset then go for samsung and if you can afford it why not go for a windows based phone from companies like Htc,Asus or apple.There phones are solid an dependable.
@sk66rc (4261)
• United States
11 Feb 10
That all depends on what you mean by cell phone company. If you mean the brand or cell phone manufacturer, then you have to think about what you wanna do with the phone other than just talking on it. What types of features are you looking for? Talk, text, camera, interenet, emails, etc, etc... Also, if you are refering to service providers, it would help to know where you live. Getting a cell phone involves more than just picking up a cell phone. Depends on where you live, service providers coverage may be different. As an example, currently I-Phone is only offered by AT&T. If you live in the area where AT&T doesn't have any service, than getting an I-Phone doesn't really make sense. I would suggest picking a service provider first based on how good their coverage is around where you want to use the phone, then pick out a phone based on what you want to do with it. What's best for you may not be best for me or vise versa so you need to be little more descriptive in your question.
@tonyllenium (6266)
• Italy
11 Feb 10
i think nokia phones still the best on the market as regards cellphones!!other companies as samsung,palm or htc can be good too...in many cases it depends also from the purposes you want buy a cellphone so if you will use it for business i think blackberry phones are better than others considering a various services they will give to you in on business matters...for private use i think company mentiond below are good and surely you cna find some devices useful for you and your needs too!!
• Sri Lanka
10 Feb 10
I am a user of Motorola phones for several years and is quite happy with it compared to some other brands I have tried. But there are many who prefer Nokia phones for it's usability, which I cannot personally vouch.
10 Feb 10
if u r in India i feel Reliance would be ur best option.. its teh cheapest of all the companies i feel.. next is Nokia.. then Moto..