What's the best money making scam you've ever come across?

@Trojin (188)
United States
February 9, 2010 6:34pm CST
I've recently come across a whole bunch of them, because I'm looking for ways to make money along with searching for a job. I can't name my best though.
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@barehugs (8986)
• Canada
10 Feb 10
The biggest and best money making scam in the world is religion. All religions were begun thousands of years ago, and are still going as strong as ever, and all are still collecting money. No one really knows for sure where the money goes, and it seems that no one cares. Governments of countries all around the world, let religions off without taxes on the money they collect, and on the buildings they build to conduct their business from. Imagine a business that doesn't pay (and has never payed) one centime of Taxes. These religious business organizations put the money they collect out at interest,to collect more money. Everyone knows that religion is Faith Based. This means that there is not, and there has never been, any physical proof for anything they say about the basics of their business, but once again nobody seems to care. Religious people just keep on losing their money to the Biggest, and Best Scam of All Time!
@Trojin (188)
• United States
10 Feb 10
I'm really glad I'm not religious, otherwise this might piss me off. It'd definitely piss off my girlfriend's family though. I like your strong opinions, but people give their money because of their faith. The money helps to build the church and keep it nice for all of the people who visit it regularly. I think taxing churches sounds wrong.. and again.. I'm not religious. It's a free place for people to worship and donations keep it that way in this modern day. I'm not real sure I understand your entire point though.. So I wont say too much. Better to be slightly a fool for getting it wrong than a total fool.