Do you win a prize in a lottery?

February 9, 2010 11:11pm CST
Last Friday I won a soya-bean milk machine in a lottery in my company yearly session. It's the first time I strike the prize. At the time I couldn't believe it's my number. Maybe you will laugh at me, because the machine isn't worth much. But it did is the firt time I win a prize from the hour of my nativity to this instance. I think maybe my luck is coming. So I bought 3 lottery tickets the day before yesterday, but I didn't win. Did you once strike the prize?
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• United States
10 Feb 10
Good for u. don't play the lottery, never feel like i'll be lucky enough to win.
11 Feb 10
Thank you for your comment. I can't buy too many lottery tickes. I know I'm always unlucky at the lottery.
@dragon54u (31663)
• United States
10 Feb 10
I got a $100 gift check a couple of months ago and it really surprised me. I had done a few surveys for a company whose incentive was entries into contests. I usually don't do those, the odds are so against you to win but I did! I even called the company to be sure they were legitimate! I'm very glad you won a prize! The value of the prize isn't important if you can use it. But don't use this as an excuse to buy a bunch of lottery tickets. If you can't win with one, you won't win with three or fifty.
11 Feb 10
Until now the quantities of lottery tickets that I bought are not more than 10. I seldom buy the tickets, because I know I always seem to be unlucky at the lottery. I occationally buy it to try my luck. Don't worry, I can't indulge myself in the lottery tickets. :)
@ET28LV (1895)
• Latvia
28 Feb 10
I have woned only a small prizes. And only some things. Ussaly I don't win. I don't buy lottery tickets, I don't fell so luck to win something!