isnt linux better than windows...?...why still windows, guys?....

February 10, 2010 7:12am CST
linux is the fastest and much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much better than windows ...but still people run behind windos....scenario has to change...wats ur opinion????.............
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• India
12 Feb 10
Yup, you are right.The scenario has to change. Linux is much better than windows.In Linux we have a lot more freedom than in windows. It is easier to handle it and is free from any virus problems.Linux is much faster than windows. The problem with Linux not being a popular as windows is that, it is difficult for using Linux for a starter. Once you understand Linux and start using it, you feel a better experience than using windows.
• Philippines
11 Feb 10
For me Linux is best when it is a server and Microsoft Windows on desktop but not vice-versa.In the office we have a lot of Linux Servers running for many years without restarting. It has been able serve as email server, as a firewall and even as a webserver we don't trust Microsoft products to run as our servers.First it was costly and not practical but with linux we can do what we want and that's the best of it. However when it comes to desktop most of our pc are windows based and a few of linux desktop. So they are good of what are their uses.
@tonyllenium (6266)
• Italy
10 Feb 10
i think in the majority of cases people don't know exactly what is linux!!So normally when they buy a pc they will find windows as os and in many cases many people learnt computer basis on windows as i think they will use windows because they feel more comfortable this os!!Linux is a good os but you know in som cases it needs a bit more of personalization and configuration and so people like more to have all done when they use a pc or buy a new one as in windows style!!
• Mauritius
10 Feb 10
I agree with u. Linux is definitely better than windows and at the top of that it is free. But u must consider the fact that 80% of applications created today is only availiable for windows only. This also the case of games.
• China
10 Feb 10
I've ever used linux. Linux is quite different from windows.. but most of my friends around me use windows. some formats can not be used on their OS. So I finally gave up using linux. However, I'm still a linux fan.