Reading Books

United States
February 12, 2010 9:56pm CST
Do you know how many books there are in the world? They have been around for a long time but when people go to the public library these days they seem to be going there to use the internet or maybe some kind of class. But how many people do you see checking out books? Do you think if each one of us was to read every book there was in the library we would all know answers to questions we all have been asked and stuck on not knowing the answer? Or would we all be more smarter?
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@noorasie (686)
• Pakistan
13 Feb 10
books are good companions for the the spare time. I enjoy reading books on my favorite topics. It is not possible for oneself to read all the books and keep in memory.
• United States
13 Feb 10
Thanks for the response. I think I am going to try to read more books. I don't really like reading too much unless it is for like learning another language but I have thought about trying to read other things. Have a nice day
• United States
14 Feb 10
How many books are in the world? You mean, titles or just the number of books? Either way it's a very large number. I read somewhere that it was 65 million titles but I think that number is way too small. And yes, I still see people checking out books. I still check out books. I check out lots of people. I do think the world would be a better and more educated place if we all would just read more, but I don't think it's going to happen just by reading every book there is in the library. You need to read more than just what your library offers.