What services SHOULD government run? What should they privatize?

United States
February 13, 2010 4:06pm CST
"Blackwater" worked as security/policing in Iraq; some national security is farmned out to independent contrators; some prisons are run by p[rivate firms, not states. In the rush to save money and run government more like a business, there is more and more call to privatize government... what works and what should stay government jobs?
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• India
13 Feb 10
The Govt., of any country has to run the main services such a Defense,Police Law & Order,Prisons, Communications,Infra structure facilities such as Roads, Income tax, Revenue collections, and welfare activities for the people who are below poverty line.All other services which are business in nature should be privatized. pasula Mogili
@Taskr36 (13925)
• United States
15 Feb 10
Communications are not socialized in the US and I'm glad. Internet and phone lines are all run by private corporations and in my opinion most do a good job of it because competition forces it. Back when the telephone industry had no competition it was terrible, but all that changed in the 90's when the cable companies got involved and it's even better now with companies like Phone Power and Magic Jack.
@anniepa (27238)
• United States
15 Feb 10
If ever there was a corporation that shows privatizing what should be government services is a BAD idea it's Blackwater, now trading as "Xe" (sp.) Also, the company which was responsible for the wiring in the barracks where I troops stay in both Afghanistan and Iraq that contracted out their services to unqualified locals which resulted in over a dozen of our troops being electrocuted while showering. The movie "War, Inc." is satire but it's closer to the truth than we realize I'm afraid. There are things that should be run by the government or at least regulated to protect the health and safety of the people as well as to protect consumers from fraud and abuse. Annie