Have you got a favourite type of storyline?

February 14, 2010 11:49am CST
My favourite storylines usually involve a subtle hero or complete anti-hero, and I hate morality tales, becaused they are cliched. Along these lines, I am attracted to stories where the main protagonist is willing to sacrifice for his / her good, rather than the greater good, because it makes the story more suprising and more interesting. It also allows the writer to flesh out the negative qualities of the hero / anti-hero a bit, which is refreshing in a world where we seem to be drowning in superheroes. I like stories that have an unusual setting - I generally hate New York as a setting for anything, because New York has been used from every angle, every situation and every circumstance in practically anything intended for the mass market. I also like stories that are moderately paced - not to fast as to be one chapter every three pages, or too slow as to be boring. I like detail, so it is nice when an author is descriptive, but not boring, and can capture the imagination. Lastly, an unusual concept is a must. I am bored of endless zombie stories, not because of the settings, the situations or the characters, but because of the zombies. Isn't it time this fictional entity was laid to rest along with vampires and elves? So there you have it mylotters...your favourite types of storylines I would be interested to hear!
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14 Feb 10
Well personally I like high fantasy stories that take place entirely in a made-up world. I also like stories clash the real world with a world that isn't real. I like stories that center on mythical creatures, or entirely made-up creatures. I prefer my heroes to be imperfect people striving to make up for past mistakes or to reach redemption, making a transition from being selfish to being selfless. I like epic quests to save the world.