Going to the Zoo with My Family.

@dhonitea (157)
February 16, 2010 5:53pm CST
Family Gathering. Yeah, for five years ago, i went to the zoo. I am very happy cos i can see many kind of animal like tiger, elephant, many kind of birds etc. How about you ?
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@besthope44 (12145)
• India
2 Apr 10
Well i love going zoo with my family. Thats really a nice pleasant experience. We can always watch the birds and animals and their interesting behaviours. I always like the idea of going zoos.
@humairaku (2039)
• Indonesia
17 Feb 10
ya, I can enjoy a zoo very much cos I really like animal. but I always find the tigers, the snakes and the lion (they are my favorite zoo animals), are only lying down their body lazily..even I dunno whether they're alive or not. and for me it's very disappointing..:(
@ravinskye (8242)
• United States
17 Feb 10
I love going to the zoo! Our zoo is pretty nice. We went with my daughter's preschool class two years ago. We were hoping to go back this fall but we didn't make it there. They say it is better to go when the weather is cooler because the animals are more active. It makes for such a nice family day. Our zoo's layout works out perfectly. About half way through the zoo they have a restaurant/shop area and lots of tables. So if you time it right you get there about lunchtime and can take a nice break to eat lunch and relax. then you can go finish the other half of the zoo. I hope we can get them there in the spring time before it gets to warm and the animals just want to be lazy.
@rene12 (797)
• Philippines
17 Feb 10
The last time that we went as a family in a zoo was when I was a little kid. That means it is already 10 years ago or more when we went to different kinds of zoo. I realized that the zoo back then is not as good as the zoo we have today. Our zoo today was sanitized and more spacious but I really enjoyed it coz of the orangutan which we can hold and pet. I still visit the zoo but alone and just for studies :D
@visalusha (132)
• Australia
17 Feb 10
If it is a family gathering, then I am happy to go anywhere in the world as the happiness that we get with them is not measurable. But if you ask me Zoo in particular then my answer is NO. Because I have seen 3 or 4 Zoos till now and got bored with the same elephants tiger and lion. But if the Zoo has some good events like bird shows, seal shows, dolphin shows then I will aim at those shows and pay a visit to those Zoos.. I feel national geographic channel is better than zoo :-) LOL
@kaylayoe (295)
• United States
17 Feb 10
I like going to the Zoo too! I love the polar bears. My local zoo has this pretty cool inclosure where you go under water and see the sea lions then you go through an ice cave and you can see the polar bears underwater. I haven't been to the zoo in awhile though. I hate those dang peacocks they have running around though. I fed them once and I'll never do that again! They chased me all day long! I was so scared!