friendships that are not the way it used to be

February 17, 2010 12:02am CST
my best friend and i don't see each other often. we used to hang out and we were super close back when we were in high school but nowadays that were 24, we don't anymore. i used to ask her out but the thing is she always have a reason to turn me down. that's why i stopped asking... and when she would reschedule to another day it would turn out that at that time i'll be the one having another appointment. now, its as if i don't know her and i actually dont care that much. it's sad... i guess even in friendships you have to put on some effort to make it last forever..
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@emerillus (477)
• Philippines
17 Feb 10
hi hera! In my own experience, I have a best friend that i met in high school. We were so very close, it was just the two of us that got the opportunity to know each other very well in high school. When we attended college, things became different because she enrolled in another course, thus we rarely see each other and we haven't texted or called each other since we both don't own a cellphone. After college, she went to another town thus we haven't seen each other for 3 years at most.But after she had a job here in our town, we made plans to see each other as often as we could to make up for the lost time back in college. no matter how long you've been apart or haven't seen each other, if she really is a true friend and you still want to be there for here, things will somehow be the same one way or another..
• Philippines
17 Feb 10
hi back! thanks for your comment. i'll take your advice and put it into use. i wouldn't want to end our friendship just like that. thanks again
@anday0108 (633)
• Philippines
17 Feb 10
Indeed what you are saying is true. Sometimes absence doesn't make the heart grow fonder, rather it makes the heart forget. That is why even if you used to be the best of friends and hang out often, if distance comes between you and you don't see often, chances are you might also lose that fondness with each other. If not nurtured, your friendship might even die. So it is always important to put some extra effort to keep the friendship otherwise you might wake up one day and no longer feel as much love and care you used to feel towards your best friend.If I don't get to send an email or call or send a txt message to my friend, soon enough I lose interest on that friendship and often thinks that we are both too busy to find time to spend with each other. I think, if we really care for that person and really wants to have friendship last forever, we should never get tired of finding time to say hello or call or send an email at least.
• Philippines
17 Feb 10
I guess my friend just don't realize how important it is to stay in contact with each other. You are right. I also read that in every relationship you have to nurture it in order for it to grow or even stay alive. it's partly my fault that i didn't exert more effort for us to hang out together. I just got annoyed since she always turned me down whenever i ask her to go out and i just stopped trying. i still care for her and i think that if its bothering me this much then maybe i should give her a call or maybe a txt message. thanks for the help!
@qamarep (4449)
• Pakistan
19 Feb 10
why are you expecting more from your friends why cant you be happy with little that you have
@ifa225 (11098)
• Indonesia
18 Feb 10
helo hera, to make a best friend is not always that you have to meet each other, you can talk to her by phone. but the important thing is that she always been in your heart, even that she is not there when you are in trouble. i hope the friendship would last forever..:)
@syankee525 (6294)
• United States
17 Feb 10
as we get older thing change and sometime people change compear to high school. it doesn't mean you're not still best friend. my best friend from school we dont talk or do things like back in school.