trying to be fit?

@zulito (174)
February 17, 2010 6:26am CST
the breakfast is ready and you start digging on the peanutbutter or some jam, chokolade or else... Grab more bread or cake than you´re supposed to. The workday starts and your tasks keep coming even when u though you´ll be finish early in the day. No time to lunch right, then just grab cookies or something just to keep your mind busy... Get back home find something quick to have as a dinner or maybe really taking the time to do a nice meal. Now you take a shower, look to the mirror and wonder where all that weight came from... Next day you get in your way to the closest gym from home, actually trying to remember why you stopped going to that place the last time, suddenly realizing your last desappointment cause of the failure on keeping a regular schedule just to sport for a few moments every now and then. Maybe in the way you find one of those martial arts gyms and instanctly remembering about all those action movies and how amazing some of the movements were... now you think you can be the next bruce lee, but just to be prepared you actually ask information in both places.. Now are we sure to do everything in our power to be healthy... maybe just lay down the extra bread you took in the morning first, try to walk more everyday, and then think about what you really enjoy doing... swimming or just jumping around can make also as fit as you would like to be.
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