Do you think boxing is a violence sports or not?

Hong Kong
February 18, 2010 6:27am CST
When I was young,I watched people fighting with boxing over the stage and I think it was fun to do.When I grew up a little bit,I went to learn some martial arts just like the youngster in my age.look at the was so attracted by anything I have seen and I have learned.Things started to change when I realized that this thing can hurt others really bad.If people don't know how to control themselves,it will be disaster.I remember when I first went up to the stage and beat up the guy and got beaten up in return.Wow,the world keeps moving around when you got hitted.When I saw a guy was moved out from the stage with a bleeding nose because of my back kick,I didn't think it is really good at all.After many years,and I am not too cracy with this kinds of boxing and mratial art anymore and I think peace on earth and no more fighting is the best.What do you think?Share with us?
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@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
21 Feb 10
I am not right now nor have I ever been a fan of any kind of the fighting sports. I think that the main reason that I feel this way is because of the fact that I was brought up as a peaceful person and though I enjoy sports, I really prefer the ones that are non-contact sports. In my opinion, the competition between competitors is a purer type of competition than it is in sports that are more contact oriented.
• Hong Kong
21 Feb 10
I think it may be diifference between male and female.Male tends to be more aggressive and competitive among men themselves.So when we were young ,we tended to love contact-sports a bit more.And sometimes,we feel that those martial arts tpye sports could make us stronger and more secure if we knew them.Ar least we knew how to protect ourselves when we would fight with other guys in school or situation like that.I think it maight be the mean reason why so many young boys plove to learn stuffs like these in their teenages time.Another reasons might be influence from peers and mass media,such as TV and movies.Martial arts and boxing looked so cool and heroic especially when beaten up the bad guys away.Sometimes,we might think that with skills and techniques like that,we might be a good candidate to enforce the law and what is right in life.That's how Ithink others guys would feel anyway.But for female,they were usually more tender and not that aggressive because of their physical or psycological in born characters.Have a good day,Doran.