i just used gluestick as chapstick .

@aWkiee (31)
February 19, 2010 11:09am CST
okay so it's dark in here and my chapstick looks exactly like my stick of glue. I noticed when i put it on that something fishy were up, then i thought "wonder what kind of emberrasing/stupid things people do every day". So? What's the most stupid/emberrasing thing you've ever done?
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@ladym33 (11007)
• United States
19 Feb 10
Well once when I was a teenager I came home from school and I had a really terrible cough. My throat was hurting really badly. My mom was not home and I did not know when she would be home so I went to the medicine cabinet to get some cough medicine. I grabbed a bottle of what looked like cough medicine with out really reading and swallowed down a tablespoon full. Turns out it was linament, which is a liquid muscle rub sort of like Ben Gay but in liquid form. My throat, my mouth, and my lips were all burning. My mom came home right after that I showed her what I drank and she called poison control. They told me I should be OK, but to soak my lips in a bowl of milk and put my tongue in there too as much as possible.
@aWkiee (31)
• Norway
20 Feb 10
Ouch, that cant feel good =x Must have been a funny sight seeing you soak your face in milk haha