the capital of text messaging in the world.

February 19, 2010 9:59pm CST
That is one of our titles.. I love and hate it at the same time. Love. because it shows how tight knit we are. We want to communicate to someone who matters to us. because it is sometimes the way of expressing yourself when you are shy and you don't feel like telling it in person. Hate. it makes you wonder how we are a third world country.
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@anneshirley (1517)
• Philippines
20 Feb 10
I really am in doubt of this title. If we are really the texting capital of the world, how come we do so poorly on those international competitions where the winner is being voted through texting like Miss Universe? Texting for winner has been going on for 2 years already I think but we still don't have a new Miss Universe of our own. If we are really the texting capital of the world, then we must show it to some competitions like this.
@ipeh12 (11)
• Philippines
23 Feb 10
the title is given on a ratio basis. Like 7/10 Filipinos uses text messaging while other countries like china has a ratio of 5/10. thats just an example, i don't know the exact ratio but it is somthing like that.
• Saudi Arabia
25 Jun 10
Texting for the winner of this contest are much expensive compared to ordinary texting maybe that's the reason.
• Philippines
11 Aug 10
I don't think the main basis in choosing a new Miss Universe is thru the number of texts a candidate receives. It may just be one factor or probably just a survey of some sort. There are prominent personalities who are asked to be judges in the contest. I am sure their choice has more weight than the text messages.
@rsa101 (15487)
• Quezon City, Philippines
22 Feb 10
I do not think there is any connection our being a third world country from texting. I think we were just given that because we are the country that has appreciated the SMS technology more than other countries. But I am not seeing why SMS causes us to become third world since even when SMS was not introduced in our country we are already considered as third world country. I may hate it maybe because the technology that brings us closer together is also making havoc by others that uses this as a way to con other people. I think we have rampant text scams that are circulating around that tries to con others using this technology. I think that is what makes texting bad for me. The title being the text capital of the world is just a title and nothing more.
• Philippines
11 Aug 10
I think the reason why Filipinos got so addicted to texting was not entirely because of our appreciation of new SMS technology but more on the need to do such. Back in the old days where cell phones were still non-existent, we only have landline phones which conk out every now and then. We do not have a good communication system. Even pay phones, the ones you insert coins into, were always out of service then. We were so thirsty with a better communication service that when the cell phones came, all we want is to get one and have a taste of the "new and reliable" technology. Text messages come cheap. In first world countries, although you may see them use SMS, more use the cell phones in calling/ I guess being a third world country has something to do with it as well.
• United States
9 Jul 10
people have nothing better to do than sit there and text on there phone. They can't go work or have little work given to them but they get boared so they text.
@jlamela (4909)
• Philippines
24 Feb 10
I do agree that Filipinos really are text addicts. That's why mobile network companies here launched unlimited program in! But personally, I am really not into texting because there's nobody to be! I only text when necessary, like if there's something i really need to a certain person.