Why do protestants hate catholics and vice versa?

New Zealand
February 20, 2010 12:56am CST
I'm reading Angela's Ashes and it's constantly referenced that the Catholics hate the protestants. So what if they don't follow the "true faith"? Neither do Buddhists; yet they isn't a prejudice between Buddhists and Protestants. The Catholics say that protestants are going to hell etc etc BUT WHY ? Christians are Christians.
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@ralphido (843)
• India
25 Feb 10
well..its like asking why there is so much tension and hatred between Pakistan & India.. nobody is sure why.. we all know people in both the countries are exactly the same.. at least, nobody in the present generation is even aware of what the real facts are for such a difference in opinion.. some just follow what others are doing... others don't care at all..
@zandi458 (27952)
• Malaysia
25 Feb 10
I am a catholic and I respect all the religions of the world. This is news to me that the Catholics hate the protestants. Why should they? We all believe in one God, our heavenly father. Hate is not in our religious doctrine. We should propagate love and peace in our capacity as a human race. Religion is only a way of life.