Why the clothing is so important

February 21, 2010 5:52am CST
the animals do not need clothes but why human need clothes
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@worldview (105)
• India
9 May 10
Some women buy clothing during off seasons in order to save money. People can purchase thick coats and jackets at inexpensiee prices during the summer season, when wearing thick women's outerwear would be unthinkable. Similarly, some people like oo buy bathing suits, bathing suit cover-ups and beach shorts during the winter. Buying out of season clothes is generally more inexpensive then buying clothes that are in season. You can buy more items this way, making your money go a longer way.
@Torunn (2810)
• Norway
27 Feb 10
Because else we would get really, really cold. Or we would all have to move to warmer climates, and as there's already a lot of people there, it would be far too crowded.
• India
24 Feb 10
Hi friend, animals dont wear cloths because they are not human and human wear cloths because they are not humans as simple as that.
@Mady2791 (547)
• United States
22 Feb 10
Because otherwise we would all be blushing
@Aboteo (11)
• China
22 Feb 10
cause you will catch a cold
@iridium (436)
22 Feb 10
we don't need clothes. basically. some places are cold so you wear them to stay warm. its simply social convention to wear clothing.
• Philippines
22 Feb 10
Human need clothes because we have brains to make us think and we are more conscious about nakedness than animals.
@BART78 (2933)
• Canada
21 Feb 10
cause animal don't have wits and do don't think while us we need it cause it is one of basic necessity in life..