How Much Would be Enough to Live a Good Life in Your Country?

February 21, 2010 11:33pm CST
I earn less than $700 per month,but I managed to live a comfortable life,too.Economists figured out that there are purchasing power gaps between different countries and people in different societies put up different preferences in meterial needs. How much do you need for a) a living, b)a good living,and c)a luxurious life?
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• United States
17 Apr 10
i think that that is a pretty good amount of money. i think i could probably live off of $700 per month. infact i could prbably live off of $500 or $600 per month. i dont really need much to live on. so i think i can survive on alittle bit.
@wxhz17 (8)
• China
25 Feb 10
I think it is depends on what is "good" and what is "luxurious", also it depends on which country and which city. For my city, "a living" means that I rent a house to live in and have enough food, $400 will be OK. "a good living" means after I bought my own house and car, no debt, I need about $1000/month. For "luxurious life", I really don't know, it is boundless.
@zkapfo123 (320)
• India
22 Feb 10
Hi Godlovesweiqi, $700 is alot of money if it's exchanged in my country's currency. Here in my country the average salary or income is less than $200, but some still manage to live a comfortable "not luxurious" lifestyle. If an individual's income is around $700 they will be considered as millionares. To lead a comfortable life in my country, around $300 will be quite enough. Thank you.
@CatGods (4595)
• United States
22 Feb 10
I'm in the U.S. so a living on a monthly basis would be 2,500 to 3,000. A good living would be about 4,000 to 6,000 per month, and a luxurious life would be about 15,000 to 20,000 per month or more.
@diamania (7037)
• Netherlands
22 Feb 10
Good question. a. For a decent living I'd say at least 800 euro. 400 p/m for a rent house. Let's say 10 euro per day for food. And the rest for clothes and incidental expenses. No money for a car or that kind of stuff. b. Good living: 1500 euro. Possibility to get a loan for a car and all kinds of more luxurious stuff. c. Luxurious. 2000 euro plus. Possibility to save money for a car ( or buy one immediately) maybe buy a house... I myself belong to A and so does my mum. I am 18 and I already earn more money than my mum gets from social security. Ghehe.
@LaurenInLA (2272)
• United States
22 Feb 10
I think that depends on your definition of "good life." For some people a good life is having a roof over your head, food to eat and your family around you. For others, they define it as driving a Mercedes, living in the best neighborhood, and vacationing in the south of France once or twice a year. Since DH and I retired a couple of years ago, our income is somewhat fixed but we still find that we do all of the things that we want to do. We go to the movies every week on senior day when admission is $4. We visit museums and botanic gardens in the area but we go on the one day of the month when admission is free. We take a mini vacation to the beach three times a year but we go on Tuesday when rates are a third of what they are on the weekends. We take trips when we stumble across a deal that we can't turn down. We took a 7 day cruise to Mexico last year because it cost us $299 per person. You really can live quite a nice life without a whole lot of money but you have to be creative and you have to work at it.
@Mike4me (567)
• Philippines
22 Feb 10
In a country like mine, you wont really need a lot to live a good life, well it actually depends if you have a family or not, like do u have kids that are in school? And if you are living alone. Living alone is much easier for me of course, you will only need probably $400 for the whole month and live a not very luxurious life, but you can get everything you want for that. Thats even too much already. :)