Will you say "happy birthday" to yourself on your birthday day?

February 22, 2010 3:21am CST
When we groe up,most people will burry our feeling,but sometimes we sigh at night:who can understand our worry?Perhaps,that person is yourself,spending a few of years,who will remember your birthday?Those green days,whether the scene that your family and friends celebrate birthday for you are still in your beautiful memory? Dear,you are so busy,do you still remember your birhtday?Whether your family refer it?Or your friends remember it or not?And does your beloved he or she prepare the gifts for you?Is there surprise on your birthday day?If there are not,will you prepare a gift for yourself on your birthday?Whether you will say happy birthday to yourself or not?
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@sushie93 (1359)
• France
1 Mar 10
Yes, i always say "happy birthday" to myself when it's my day, it's like it's another person who think to my birthday lol. Yeah one more friend xD.
@docipain (135)
• Germany
23 Feb 10
Well when I wake up of course I will think "oh today is your birthday~ woohoo" but then, I still won't say "happy birthday" to myself. I don't know, I don't really see a reason to wish myself a happy birthday. It's not like it would change anything if I said it or not. XD
@Mike4me (567)
• Philippines
22 Feb 10
Oh yes I do, I always remember my birthday even if I am so busy or not. It's because I am excited to have my birthdays, even tho we don't celebrate it, i just like it. I always greet myself and my twin sister, its just a happy day for both of us.
@shibham (17025)
• India
22 Feb 10
hi, i think all of us are very conscious about their birth day and no one forgets it. anyway i never celebrate my bday with huge preparation. and sometimes say b'day if there is no one to celebrate with me. thanks.
@figjam00 (1450)
• India
22 Feb 10
Yes I do wish myself Happy Birthday! I think birthday is the day we feel so good. Birthday comes once in a year so it's good that we celebrate it with joy. The best thing about birthday especially in younger days, we used to get curious about the gifts and unwrapping was a great fun.
• Philippines
22 Feb 10
yes i often tell that to me specially if no one great me on my birthday lol. i guess everyone is very busy thats why they cnt, though i cant blame them as i also forgot their birthday as im busy too. though im not really counting my birthday anymore coz i feel so old now and yet im still not married lol