For smokers out there, anyone heard of green smoke?

@xscout (31)
February 22, 2010 8:39am CST
Hi all, I am not a smoker but i just came across this interesting invention known as green smoke. It is an electronic cigarette which is "healthier" than normal cigarette. I can say that it is a lot healthier although it contains nicotine too, but minus tar, carbon monoxide and 4000 other toxin. It is also smoke-free, so u can actually smoke in no smoking zone. As it is odour free, people will not smell bad breath from your mouth. According to the site, it says that green smoke is easy to maintain. They have very professional looking start up kit and even USB charger for you cigarette! Most importantly, it actually cuts a lot of cost, up to 75% if you compare it to traditional cigarette. There is a saving calculator on their site. They also have 6 different favours including traditional tobacco, menthol, coffee, vanilla, chocolate and cherry. In my opinion, this invention is a great breakthrough and this will significantly affect general health, have cleaner environment and most importantly save current smokers a lot of money in the long run. It is predicted that 1 in six people will die from smoking due to cancer by 2030. Something have to be done to solve this problem, and perhaps green smoke has done a head start. What are your views in this invention? For more info, you can refer to my banner under my profile for more details about the product.
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@rsa101 (15496)
• Quezon City, Philippines
22 Feb 10
Well for me being a non smoker I do not find any appeal for this product at all. But I guess for those smokers who are trying desperately to quite smoking but are not able to quit just right now they could start by trying this product. I think it has many benefits for manyh smokers that are trying to quit their habit. But for those die hard smokers I think it would take some time to really quit this habit at all.
@xscout (31)
• Singapore
22 Feb 10
I agree and I think it is extremely difficult to ask people to quit smoking. Although i am a non-smoker, I have a lot of relatives who are smoking and I am more concern for their children and people around them. Passive smokers suffer more than the smoker himself. So i would actually recommend this product to my relatives for the sake of improving their well being. Thanks for the response!