What if Eddie Guerrero never died?

@megamatt (14326)
United States
February 22, 2010 4:25pm CST
It is really hard to believe that it has been over three years since the passing of Eddie Guerrero. I do admit that Eddie dying came out of left field for me and I am sure many others. There was someone who everyone thought had conquered his demons but unfortunately the damage had already been done. If you have ever read Eddie Guerrero's autobiography, it's kind of bitter sweet in many ways and depressing in others, to read about him getting his life back on track. Given that the book was released shortly after his death, even more so. However, what if Eddie did not die? I honestly think he would have had a few more years in his career. And so many feuds that could have been but never truly were. I'll go with five off the top of my head, in the probable order that they would have happened. 1) Eddie Guerrero against the Undertaker-I actually heard that there were plans for this one at Wrestlemania 22 at some time. I don't remember if it was slightly before or slightly after Eddie's death that I heard this but it was one of the early Mania plans. This I think would have been a good match. I don't think Eddie would have broken the streak but he would come close and the Undertaker would be forced to adapt to Eddie's style to beat him. I'm going to even go as far to say that this would be par with the Undertaker/Shawn Michaels match at WM25, if not maybe, just maybe, a little better. Regardless, it would be a good match and it is a shame that it did not happen. 2) Randy Orton against Eddie Guerrero- In this world, just imagine that Randy Orton beat Batista, who did not get injured, for the title at WM22. Orton goes onto feud with Eddie Guerrero, who makes a return to being a face. Eddie chases Orton for the title throughout the summer and wins the belt at Summerslam 2006 or about there. Orton and Eddie would be an interesting feud for many reasons. Have Orton beat Batista, beat Kurt Angle, and beat Rey, taking him out and raising the ire of Eddie(obviously Eddie and Rey will have reconciled and put their past differences aside). Then Eddie goes onto have a nice little reign, before dropping it someone in the later fall/early winter. Let's just say a heel Batista, so we can go with the Undertaker and Batista match that happened in real life, only with Batista as a heel instead of face versus face. 3) Eddie Guerrero against "The Rated R Superstar" Edge-Yeah I know these two have feuded in the past before but that was in 2002. Edge has improved a lot by them and especially by 2007 when I see this feud happened. Eddie gets moved over to RAW as part of the draft. Whether or not this feud has the title involved, it really doesn't matter. Edge doesn't return to Smackdown when he did and stays over on RAW. He has a nice series with Eddie, hopefully not getting injured before it reaches its conclusion. This leads Eddie into his next big feud. 4)Eddie Guerrero against Shawn Michaels-Do I really need to say any more? That feud really speaks for itself. Two of the greatest wrestlers of all time competing. The promos will be great. The matches will be great. It would have been awesome. Late 2007-2008, maybe for the right to retire Ric Flair. Actually that works out nicely. The only problem is, I'm almost tempted to say that Eddie wins and then retires Ric Flair, because they would really cement him as one of the biggest name players in the company. 5) Eddie Guerrero against CM Punk- Yeah, this feud really writes itself. CM Punk, the Straight Edge crusader, against Eddie Guerrero, the man who has had past drug and alcoholic issues. Plus, as much as I liked Jeff Hardy against CM Punk, this feud would have been much better. No offense to Mr. Hardy, but promo skills are not exactly his strong point, so Eddie will blow him out of the water and match Punk word for word. Not to mention the matches would be out of this world. Other potential feuds for Eddie that I could see being real good. A proper, Eddie/Cena feud. Yeah, they feuded for a little bit of 2003, but it never made it to a Pay Per View, so I am not going to really count it. Eddie/Jericho would be all kinds of entertaining. Plus, I wouldn't really turn down another round of Eddie/Rey matches, because those are always good. And since it did happen one time and it was entertaining, Eddie/Hunter might be good, even if it at the exact bottom of my lists. Really, there is just so many good matches that Eddie could have had. Eddie/Morrison too. And yeah, I kind of had to mention this, even if I don't want to. The Benoit tragedy has less of a possibility to happen if Eddie hadn't died. Of course, there is another interesting thing to think about, the WWE Wellness Policy. Would it have been implemented if Eddie hadn't died? I hate to say it, but I doubt it. And we may have had an entirely different rash of wrestling tragedies for all we know. It really is hard to tell. And one more thing, another change is that Vickie Guerrero would have never become a full time television performer if her husband had not died. Which can be either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on if your on the "this woman is an entertaining heel" side or "get this woman off my television before I put a brick through it" side. So I think I've rambled on long enough. How about you? What would WWE be like if Eddie Guerrero hadn't passed away? What matches would he have had? Do you think he would have had another big run with the championship? Looking forward to seeing what everyone has to say.
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• Australia
23 Apr 10
Wow all I can say is that it sure would be different in the WWE if Eddie had not passed away.
@hbk2244 (180)
• United States
2 Mar 10
If Eddie Guerrero had not passed away, I think he would comparable to Chris Jericho or Kurt Angle, i.e., a top 15 pro wrestler in this era. He had it all, great in ring work, good on the mic and a very entertaining character. I too would of loved to see Eddie feid with HBK, Punk and Orton.
@figjam00 (1450)
• India
24 Feb 10
I think Eddie was one of the best entertainers in the business. He has the uncanny ability to wrestle and create humor at the same time. I loved his Latino dance in the ring. If Eddie was alive things would have far more different. Who know Eddie would have been in the TNA or he would have been the ECW champion. One thing was sure Eddie would have top of his game if he was alive for sure.