ever dated someone through the net?

February 22, 2010 7:43pm CST
hi guys, the age of the internet is here...the world seems closer now and information travels fast as well as emails and stuff. now, have you ever dated someone through the net? did you end up marrying each other? internet dating good or bad?
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@vine88 (1038)
• India
23 Feb 10
I have not dated someone but planning to date with you. Is that possible? Is that good to date with you.? will you date with me? before dating who knows what kind of person they are? When they met they will know each other. Then friendship begins. If friendship goes well they might marry. If you are good then internet dating also good , if your desire bad then internet dating also bad. Are you satisfied?
@anc457 (186)
• Thailand
23 Feb 10
i've met my hubby from the net, we've been chatmates for over two years before we met. we're now on our 14th month of being lovers. internet dating may be good or bad depending on the user. it all up to the user to choose whom to date with. but for me am happy :-)
@JoyfulOne (6242)
• United States
23 Feb 10
I've dated a few guys I met on Plenty Of Fish. One guy I dated for months before I finally found out he had a real temper behind that nice facade. Oh well, better to find out sooner than after the fact. While I haven't met my 'Mr. Right', I do know several couples (friends and family) who dated somebody from over the internet and they're still together many, many years later. Most of them did end up marrying after getting to know each other for a long while. Internet dating is different from the usual dating. You only get to know somebody from emails and phone until you actually meet them. Some of them are sincere, and some of them are just looking for one night stands, but a wise person can usually pick up on that lol. It's always best to meet first for coffee in a very public place. I always did that for safety, and also so if I needed to I could leave if I wanted, or needed, to.
• New Zealand
23 Feb 10
I have never dated through the internet. There is the stereotype though, that all internet daters are unattractive people. It is probably true though. Why would u date on the internet when U can find someone in real life and actually have some intimacy...
@kieszha (18)
• Philippines
23 Feb 10
nope i never tried dating anyone through internet... sounds very good ton try one... its not bad to date someone through the net,....