How much do you spend when you go for Holiday?

February 22, 2010 10:34pm CST
Hello Myloters, Let us all share how much we spend when we go somewhere for holiday. I travel all the time but its only one country that I go all the time alone so I have to spend my own money. I go back to my home country a lot and where I reside at the moment shopping is not good at all. I manage to save good amount of money when I am abroad but when I come back to my country I spend theme all. Last time in just two weeks I manage to use USD$1,300 because I did so much shopping and night out with my friends. Sometimes i regret it when I spend a lot of money specially when I dont see anything out of it when it just finish up in some bars because of our night outs. How about you, how much do you spend when you travel? Do you ever regret when you spend so to much money and not see much things out of it? How often do you spend that much amount? Thanks Myloters and happy Myloting
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@cripfemme (7718)
• United States
23 Feb 10
Counting the hotel room and train fees and what not, I usually spend about $1,500.00. I am going to join this website called You can stay at someone's house who offers to host you and you can also offer to have people stay with you. I think I will save a lot of money doing this. Suddenly, travel will be much more affordable for me. Yay because I love to travel!
@maximax8 (28490)
• United Kingdom
23 Feb 10
I was quite poor so I tried going on a very cheap holiday. I bought a low cost flight from London to Trieste. I slept the night on the airport floor to be able to check in at four in the morning. When I arrived I took an overnight bus down to Dubrovnik. I stayed in my tent there and hopped over to Montenegro for a few days. I made my way back up the Croatian coast. I spent a few days in Slovenia, at the coast and up at Lake Bled. I spent less that three hundred dollars on that trip. My finances had improved a few years later. My most expensive trips were the Seychelles because I was traveling with my luxury minded ex-boyfriend. Another extremely pricey trip I did was the Maldives. On those two trips I must have spent more than $1000. I didn't regret that spending because those locations are like paradise. When I was 20 years old I went around the world. I didn't spend all that much because was a budget minded backpacker. I had money coming in every month from my cottage that I had let out. I worked in Australia because I had a working holiday visa. At age 29 years old I visited New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands. On that trip I overspent and that is how I ended up having my budget holiday to Croatia.