What would you do if you have $232 million dollars?

February 24, 2010 11:37am CST
A year ago in June, some guy from Mission South Dakota USA won in a lottery jackpot worth of $232 million, I don't know if you guys out there can remember it, it was even made it in the front line news of Yahoo. If you think about it $200 million dollars is a lot of money, if I were that guy half of that money I will give it to the poor and half of it maybe build a good business and save it in a bank so my money will for future use. hehe How about all of you myloter's out there, what would you do if you have $232 million dollars? ^ ^
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• United States
24 Feb 10
Well after the government took there very large percentage of a prize like that I would pay off all of my bills as well as my folks because all though they where not ideal parents they have helped us out quite a bit the last few years trying to make up for my childhood. I would then help my cousin to legally get her kids father out of the picture (NJ believes child molesters should still have the right to see their own young children I do not). I would then take my family on a world tour spending at least a month at a time in different countries so that my kids learn about different cultures and beliefs as well as my husband and I. I would start with the countries of our own origins in hopes of spending time with older family members still in the "old" country. After that I would make sure that a good amount of money was put into accounts for my children's future as well as our own and I would donate to many but I think it would be more of an as we go around the world helping both monetarily as well as volunteering.
@elsrenne (16)
24 Feb 10
If I had $232 million dollars, then I would put it in the bank. With that amount of money you could get more than enough intrest a day to live on. You could choose a charity every day to give it to and you could also give lots of the money in the bank to charity too. You could help out your closest friends by helping them out paying their morgage or getting a new car. I think I'd do up a house really nicely as well, and, of course, go out and have a HUGE spending spree. :]