MOST Embarrasing moment happen to your LIFE!!!!

@jemaries (322)
Saudi Arabia
February 24, 2010 12:55pm CST
well! i just mesmerized the past that happens into my life,and i its come into my mind the embarrasing moment that happened last year,sad to sad to many things that were happened to me!hOW ABOUT YOU can you share your moments?
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• Philippines
26 Feb 10
Embarrasing moment will be, when I fall on the overpass stairs whenI was going down. I was in a hurry that time because I was going to be late for my work at the office. I accidentally trip when going down the stairs, and i fell. I hurt my back and I have a swollen foot. Good thing there was one good samaritan who helped me to crossed the overpass again and he let me ride a PUJ going back to my house. I did not went to work for 3 days. Another was when I tripped on a school theater curtain call in the middle of the stage and everyone laughed at me. I laughed at myself too out of frustration. Atleast they will never forget me because of that.
@Hatley (164507)
• Garden Grove, California
24 Feb 10
hi jemaries well yes I guess I can but it was embarrassing and also em bare as#ing as well to put it bluntly. I needed a few groceries and had called access bus to pick me up at Trader Joes at a certain time. so then all I needed to do was get dressed and walk the block and a half down the street to Trader Joes. I walked along the same street I had walked for months, met several people who oddly did not even speak to me, and soon was in the mall of Trader Joes. An elderly lady pulled in beside me in a new car, and called to me. She said, softly but clearly, my dear I need to tell you so you will not be further embarrassed, your skirt hem is tucked inside your panties. I thanked her, too embarrassed to reply and quickly undid that damnable skirt. to think I had walked two whole blocks in public with my pantied bottom sticking out, and not one soul had the kindness or the guts to tell me I was exposing all. To me an elderly lady who is most modest this was truly embarrassing to me.but myson and I had a good laugh about it later that day. I still applaud the nice stranger who did tell me what someone else should have said, you are exposing your butt.