Someone gave you $2000 for a romantic getaway with you love where would you go?

@thedaddym (1737)
United States
February 24, 2010 2:17pm CST
If someone gave you $2000 and told you to take your honey some place romantic where would you go? Remember $2000 is a nice amount of money but it will limit your choices.
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@marsha32 (6718)
• United States
28 Mar 10
I wouldn't know romance if it bit me in the you know what! I would want to go to a casino and pull the slots....romantic eh? Marsha
@hmkoct5 (2067)
• United States
25 Feb 10
I would take a cruise. It would be easy to budget the $2000 on a cruise. For a $2000 cruise, we could probably take a 5 to 7 day vacation to a island or Mexico. I love cruises because everything you could ever want it right there on the ship. You can pay extra for some excursions, or you can just do whatever is included in the price.
@ladym33 (11009)
• United States
24 Feb 10
Well $2000 is probably not enough for two people to go to Europe so it would have to be someplace domestic or a nearby country. Personally I love Las Vegas. I think it is very romantic, and there is lots to do there and it is just so fun to be there. I am not really in to the beach and all that anymore, I like the ocean but not for romance. That is for younger people whose body's are still perfect.