Do you speak Chinese? Do you want to learn Chinese?

Guangzhou, China
February 25, 2010 9:59am CST
Hi my friends, do you like Chinese? Do you speak Chinese in your daily life? If you do not speak Chinese ,Do you want to learn Chinese? As far as I am concenred, I think I am a language lover. Nowadays , I am still studying Chinese and English,which is the more popular languages in the world. Besides these two kind of languages, I still want to learn the French ,which sounds so sweet.But till now, I still have not got the chance to learn French. What about you? Do you want to learn Chinese? How about other languages?
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• Brazil
25 Feb 10
They say Chinese is going to dominate the world someday, more than the English language. I find is is very dificult to learn chinese on my own but I really do want to learn it. I would also like to elarn Korean and japanese, along with french. I hope one day to elarn them all, as they are a lot and it might be really hard.
• Guangzhou, China
25 Feb 10
As far as I am concenred, though the Chinese language is a little for us to learn. I think it will become more important in the future days. So we should try our best to learn the languages well ,no matter which language it is. Have a nice speaking.
@cintoy (1014)
• Indonesia
1 Mar 10
I like Chinese a lot. ^^ I can speak chinese in my daily life. I am learning Chinese all the time because i believe Chinese language is very unique and every time there are always new words for a certain new meaning. I am trying to learn Japanese now. Wish me luck.
• China
26 Feb 10
Hello, mother lauguage is chinese.I speak it everyday.and I am try harder to learn English,I think it is interesting.I want to learn Italian too.But until now,I didn't get the chance to learn Italian.
• India
25 Feb 10
hey hi,.,. this is a beautiful way for getting some publicity for chineese,.,.,.,.,.it is the fact that mandarin chineese is the most speaking languagein world then comes spanish and then english .,.., this is according to records,.,.,.but english the no 1 buisiness, and its no wonder. i think its very hard learning chineese language,. is it so? any ways thanks for offering. iam not interested in learning chineese.,.,.
@humairaku (2039)
• Indonesia
25 Feb 10
I ever studied Chinese when I was in college. but it took only a semester. from that I knew that it's really difficult to study Chinese. it's not only about the difficult vocabularies but also the alphabets. it's really hard to write Chinese alphabets so I don't want to study more Chinese.