White Noise 2

@teamrose (1499)
United States
February 25, 2010 7:43pm CST
It's one of those rare sequels that is much, much better than the original. Nathan Filian and Katee Sackhoff (sp?) were both pretty impressive, although I thought they missed an easy alternative way to resolve the situation. Basic premise - the main character has a near death experience and gets the ability to see when someone is about to die. He saves a few people, and things are looking great. Then, each of the people he saved goes berserk one at a time and kills a bunch of people - exactly 3 days after they were set to die. To stop a massacre, Nathan Fillian decides he has to kill Katee Sackhoff before she goes berserk. Personally, I'd have busted out the furry handcuffs and kept Katee occupied for 24 hours.
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@owstalaga (4570)
• Philippines
5 Jul 12
hm... interesting... this makes me wanna see it just because Katee Sackhoff is there. haha~ I just don't like horror or scary movies that much.
@goldeneagle (6775)
• United States
18 Mar 10
I haven't seen the first one of these movies yet, although it is on the list of the ones I want to see. I didn't know they had made the sequel to it already. I used to use my Direct TV to rent movies I wanted to see when they first came out, but now that we have had our house phone disconnected, I am not able to do that any more. Maybe I should become a member of Netflix or something...