@frissph (130)
February 26, 2010 10:34pm CST
How do you spend the weekends usually? I spend the weekends as time for rest and with my kids. Most of the time I'm during weekdays and I can only fully enjoy my kids during weekends. I also sleep a lot during the weekends which is something I totally enjoy. Usually sleep in for more than 12 hours during the weekends so that I'm fully energized for he next week. How do you feel about weekends? Do you enjoy or hate it?
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@elokps (138)
• Indonesia
2 Mar 10
because I still not married and not have kids,on my weekend I mostly spend it with my friends , my parents , my brothers and their family. I go to movie with my friends and sometimes alone, go to coffeeshop, bookstore, mall, dinner with friends or family and if not go out on weekend mostly I will clean house, read books and listen music at relax time.
• Malaysia
27 Feb 10
i enjoy weekends as my family and i can relax, sleep and get up late. we try to do everything together on weekends like having brunch and dinner together. during these meals, we have time to sit down and share the week's happenings. at times, there are requests for me to do for them on the weekdays as they are all working to meet deadlines. i chirp in merrily to help wherever i can. on weekends,we do go out to visit relatives and friends after church service. some weekends, we go outstation for short trip or overnight holiday. we plan our weekends to be varied. weekend are mostly for us to rest and unwind, to heal, restore, strengthen,refresh and rejuvenate ourselves.
@erihan (32)
• Indonesia
27 Feb 10
if a holiday I spent watching television, playing music and sport. sometime I also spent time with a stay or vacation out to my hometown, went to the beach watching the sunset.
@dhonitea (157)
• Indonesia
27 Feb 10
I was spend the weekend by travelling to somewhere that make me enjoy the life like mountain, resort or beach. sometime i am going to festival. The festival is unique. Like kite festival, it is a great attraction not only for kite flyers but also for tourists as it offers art and cultural attraction.