have you ever been attacked by any animal?

@ksmita (481)
February 27, 2010 4:13am CST
hi. few days back , i was on terrace ,enjoying the sunset, suddenly one lady came with a dog(i don't know its breed, maybe german lebrador, quite a big one).i never expected dog on terrace. the moment ,he saw me , he came running towards me. poor me, i didn't had the place to run also. that mad lady was standing and smiling. luckily, dog just kept barking ..it was the first time , i had encountered any animal so closeby. do you have any experience of animal attack ?
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@ankitshr (228)
• India
27 Feb 10
YEah, i dog, a wild dog i should better say. Actually was my fault, it was a female dog, i lost my watch nd i was searching for it, her puppies were der, she thought m trying to hurt them so she attacked me. then those vaccines, uhh.
@voldrox (7205)
• India
27 Feb 10
oh that must have been some experience to you, i haven't encountered any such attack but i am pretty excited about it, i guess i would realize i am a fool when something really does attack me sometime there is one really freakish bull that strays near the place where i stay now, it looks really freaky i mean it's quite huge and one day it was there standing by close to the road where is walking and i was umm a little concerned crossing the road coz it was there standing and doing nothing as if waiting for someone lol, and i approached it, it turned it's head towards me when i passed the huge thing and it was like watching me i tried not to run LOL! just skipped a heartbeat. hehe, i have never encountered a real attack, oh well just a group of stray dogs chasing me on my cycle, thats all! they could not get to me. :)
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@Downwindz (2231)
• Netherlands
27 Feb 10
I was once attacked by one of my grandads hancocks, but he was just protecting the hens i guess. Nothing happened he went straight for my legs but i luckily had my riding boots on, so a nice layer of rubber boot to protect my leg.
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@ronaldinu (12445)
• Malta
5 Mar 10
No I am lucky that I was never attacked by an animal I am a dog lover so I know how to handle dogs Luckily I never had the opportunity to meet a fierce one. It is important not to run when you encounter a dog If he senses that you are afraid he would bully you and ran after you. So be still and don;t run away.
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@Hatley (164759)
• Garden Grove, California
4 Mar 10
hi ksmita yes years back I worked as a nurses aide in our local hospital. I was sent to take a bottle of medicine to a handicapped lady who lived across the street from the hospital. She opened the door and her chihuahua dog came out snarling and bearing its teeth.I was standing in a snowdrift on her walkway and the dog jumped and bit the calf of my leg. I was standing there in a snow storm, with that little dog biting me and the woman not doing a thing to stop it. I had to yank the dog loose from me and gave it a kick with my snow boot, the woman was angry and I just handed her the medicine. I asked her, Is your dog protected against rabies, she yelled of cou rse and why did you kick my little Dheba, I retorted your little Sheba just bit me in the calf of my leg after I came here to deliver you this medication. she took it and slammed the door in my face . I had to have three stitches put into my leg done by the first doctor I saw when I got back, he washed it out thoroughly first, and insisted the head nurse send me home for three days until it healed. that was my first experience with a little chihuahua dog. never again I swore.
@towongfoo27 (2989)
• United States
27 Feb 10
I have been attacked by a swarm of birds once. I went for a walk, and was peacefully strolling down the street, when all these birds just cam out fo nowhere and started swooping over my head a little too close. I got scared, too, for they were pretty close. I think the birds thought I infringed on their territory or something, because they kept swooping over my head as I tried to run away from them! It was a definite Alfred Hitchcock "Birds" moment, and one I never want to experience again! Who knew birds could be so pesky? they appear to be so dainty and delicate, too. So much for appearances! It just goes to show that animals are very territorial and maybe people should respect them more.
@lyzabelle (1668)
• Philippines
12 Mar 10
Hmm...the dog is terrified by your reaction that is why he did not attack you or maybe this dog is only good for barking and not for biting. Then why the owner just stand by and smile while seeing her pet about to devour a person...so silly an weird pet owner.