Do you bring a good book while you travel other places?

United States
February 27, 2010 11:57am CST
So, would you always bring a book to read while you are in a vacation to an exotic places, or to other countries? I would definitely do it, and sometimes I can enjoy a good book while I was totally relax in a nice environment, like beach, and sunbathing. Sometimes, if that book is not worth to read, it probably would ruin the vacation if you are not too active. So, do you always bring a book to a vacation spot?
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@maximax8 (29032)
• United Kingdom
27 Feb 10
I always bring a relevant novel or non-fiction book when I travel to a destination overseas. For example I took a book about a lion to Kenya with me. It was a lovely book to read on the palm fringed beach and on the safari I went on. Apart from reading the book I have brought with me I love to have some adventure. I love to go snorkeling to see coral. I meeting the local people and sometimes I buy a book when I am sightseeing. For example I bought a book about a Dutch lady that helped Jewish people during World War II. I have traveled to lots of different countries and I always take a travel guide book with me in addition to the novel I often take with me.
• United States
28 Feb 10
I believe that you must see lots of places, and read a lot of books along with it. I sometimes brought a book with me too while I was to somewhere else. Reading a good book might bring much fun in your trip.
@karlle (221)
6 Apr 10
It depends on the length of travel,.If the place has so much to offer that I can enjoy and has a short distance of travel, I would not bring a good book, but if it would be a long travel eventhough it has so much to offer then definitely I would bring a good book :)
• Philippines
21 Mar 10
I do not bring books because I am not much of a reader. During travels, I just bring a portable dvd player with me and watch movies I had missed with my 3 kids.
@kitokito (110)
• Philippines
17 Mar 10
I always bring a book or two with me when I'm traveling far. Funny thing is that I don't get to read much of it though. I turn a few pages in the plane or in a bus but I always end up putting it aside. Maybe that's what traveling is all about. It's about seeing and experiencing new engaging things. Engaging that it will keep you away from books and things to read :)
@Porcospino (19804)
• Denmark
10 Mar 10
I love reading and when I travel to another places I always bring some books. I enjoy reading in the car, on the bus etc and I also like to read when I arrive at my destination. When I have done a lot of sightseeing I like to read when I get back to the hotel, it is a great way to relax. In half a year I going to travel around in Europe for a while, and I plan on bringing a lot of articles and short stories from old magazines. When I have read them, I will throw them away, and then I can fill my suitcase with souvenirs and presents instead.
• Germany
7 Mar 10
I always have with me my little Bible. I read it before boarding - sort of make me feel safe on travel. Other books -no, i dont bring. It gives me headache reading in an airplane (the lights are too low plus the sound of engines makes me sick). And while on an exotic place, on limited vacation days not to mention expensive hotel charges, i want to make use of everything to make each day as enjoyable as possible. Go out & explore the place. Have fun ( that is what you are there for). Reading a book i can do anytime when i'll be back home.
• Australia
5 Mar 10
I usually do bring book to vacation but usually I would read it on the way over or on the plane and such. I love travelling and usually my vacation days would be quite packed and filled with many activities, seeing the sights and all those stuff and so have not much time left to read the books hehehehe But if Im only going vacation in the places where Ive been or closer to home etc2, where Ive been many times, then I may bring books and read while just relaxing on the beach or in the park :) I am a book lover and I already know what type of books I would like and also the writer that I love, so the book that I bring would definitely from the writer that I like so I think Im going to love it and wont ruin the vacation :)
• Philippines
1 Mar 10
I used to bring a good book or any reading material whenever I travel and read them on a bus or a car. But I rarely do that these days because reading while on board a moving vehicle makes me dizzy and sometimes gives me headache, so I just listen to music instead.
• United States
1 Mar 10
Yes, I always bring a book when I travel.
• China
28 Feb 10
I like to bring a newspaper or magazine with me when I trave on a long distance. Because sometimes it's a little noisy in the train and I can't concentrate on reading the long story.So the magazine is more suitable for me and make my trip interesting.
@LaurenInLA (2272)
• United States
27 Feb 10
I always bring a book with me when I go on vacation or even on a mini vacation for that matter. Reading is one of my great pleasures and I can't think of anything that I find more relaxing than lying on the beach reading a good book.