Are stale marshmallows garbage?

@patgalca (10437)
February 27, 2010 12:38pm CST
Our grocery bills have been rather high lately, causing my husband to cringe. We just can't afford to be spending that kind of money. When I did groceries this week I said to myself that I was going to go home and make stuff with what I already had for the kids to snack on. I made a batch of muffins and then proceeded to make Rice Krispy Squares. However, the three bags of marshmallows were all open and the marshmallows hard. My 13yo is a marshmallow mouse but has admitted that she likes stale marshmallows - so why open all 3 packages? I had one saved to make Rice Krispy Squares and figured they were safe from her nibbling. I have, like, 3 boxes of Rice Krispies in the house so it seems logical to make some squares. My husband says that the marshmallows are going to melt when I make the squares so I should be able to use them stale. I'm not so sure. My 16yo pointed out that it IS just a lump of sugar. So the three bags of marshmallows are sitting on the counter awaiting their fate. Does anyone know if it is safe to make Rice Krispy Squares with stale marshmallows? Will the RKS still be chewy once made? Does anyone know? And does anyone have a rotten kid who denies doing something they have admitted they like to do?