My college March exam coming near what I have to do?

February 28, 2010 2:45am CST
My exams are coming near. I am not studying for three months. I want to study But I love MyLot. I think that mylot is disturbing me. What I should have to do. I have to prepare for march B.A.C. exams or I continue Myloat. Or I do both things. Please Help me.
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@zandi458 (27952)
• Malaysia
28 Feb 10
Mylot is always here so you shouldn't compromise anything for what is important for your future. Good luck to you in your exams.
@ghieptc (2525)
• Philippines
1 Mar 10
Yes zandi458 is correct, Focus & Concentrate more on the exams because it's your future. You can be back anytime at mylot at your spare time.Good luck, Happy Mylotting!!!
@srjac0902 (1170)
• Italy
1 Mar 10
It is ideal to learn one's body chemistry. Do need your degree? Is it essential for you? Then even myLot beacons you , it is admissible that you reserve some couple of hours to study. It should not be less than two or three hours. As you study your sub conscience may ruminate something useful then put it into blog or in myLot discussion. If you love early rising then better take a good bath do some yoga or breathing exercises, if you are a believer in God visualize God shedding His Divine grace light and energy to you and then begin to study. If you love to go to bed late in the night same practice-- evening bath yoga and Gayatri Mantra recitation , light meals then sit to study. You must do your own time table according to your motivation and inner locution.
@common_man (1799)
• India
28 Feb 10
Fix the time interval for which you will do mylotting. And follow that strictly. Exams are important , more important, pay more time to study.
@namiya (1599)
• Philippines
28 Feb 10
If you want to be involved in both, exercise time management. Arrange your schedule so that you could do mylot without sacrificing your studies. But talking about your coming exam, it would be more practical if you prioritize your studies at this time. Mylot is always available 24 hours, 7 days a week but your exam is not. Prepare for your exam by allocating more time for studies for I believe, you'll enjoy doing mylot more when you know you have done good in your exams. If you love mylot then let it bring out the positive in you and not the other way around. Good luck to your exam and happy mylotting.