What if BONGBONG MARCOS ran for President, would you vote for him instead??

March 1, 2010 4:14pm CST
I was born in the '60s and i have been able to experience life with Marcos as our President. I've followed the lives of the first family, especially Bongbong. He is now running to become a Senator. While all of the Presidential candidates are eligible enough, can a Bongbong Marcos win your precious vote?
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• Philippines
13 May 10
i am a 16 year old teen now, and i will be voting the next national election..if i will have an option on who i want to be the next president of the philippines in 2016, then i will say that i'll go BONGBONG.. why? simply because, he has so many experience when it comes to politics.. WIND ENERGY is only one of his accomplishments as a congressman in ILOCOS.. and for me MARCOS family is the best ever., by the time PRES. FERDINAND MARCOS was still our president, we are next to JAPAN when it comes to richness , in particular we are number 2 in ASIA... and the poverty only started by the time CORY AQUINO was put into POWER.. i have my basis, all of what i'm saying here is in PRES. FERDINAND MARCOS RECORDS.. MARCOS 2016 for president.
1 Feb 12
I am surely go for bongbong...I came in ilocos norte last year and it's very clean place...walang squater at napaka green and blue yungplace nila...mura pa ang kuryente....he has a lot of political experience unlike Pnoy... Especially his dad, former President Ferdinand Marcos which he makes our countries 2nd richest next to Japan...so please people...don't get blind by the media...
@setsuna26 (2410)
• Philippines
25 Mar 10
I personally believe that bongbong is not yet ready to become a president. I dont doubt his potential but i think its going to be much better if he becomes a senator first so that the rest of the country will know and experience first hand what he can do for us all.I wish him luck for his endeavor ;)
• Philippines
3 Mar 10
hello agana trade, I don't see Bongbong running this 2010 so I will not vote for him. for me, i need to his stand on issues,platforms and how he answers allegations too.most specially how can he overcome his dad's past reputation since the Martial Law, people already have trauma during that time and they won't let it happen again, despite the fact that Bongbong is No Ferdinand,still people will have paranoia unless he makes a good stand. every candidate should be scrutinize.
@anc457 (186)
• Thailand
2 Mar 10
why not give him a try, he is not his father, as to noynoy is not his mother. if he proves to be the best candidate for presidency, why not vote for him. i don't vote for a person because of his family influence etc etc. i vote for a person whom i trust and am confident with.
@rsa101 (13336)
• Philippines
1 Mar 10
Well I grew up in the province that were taunted as an anti Marcos province during the time of Pres. Marcos. Maybe it would be a lot of convincing for me and my family to really vote for him as president. I think during their father's time our province was not given the proper support from them. But when they were toppled in 1986 we were able to bloom and develop.