United States
March 2, 2010 2:05am CST
Why do people love to clique together? Would you be able to live normally if you had no friends? I never understood why people clique together why people need to be co dependent on others. I am not a loner at all but I go by my own rules I never follow anyone I do not beong to any clubs or groups simply because I like to be in control of my ownself and make my own rules. What about you?
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@allknowing (73018)
• India
2 Mar 10
You have a point. Clinging together and depending on each other can make one not use his/her capacities to its optimum level and also whoever is the dominant in the group one will not rise above that person. I too am quite independent and I am my own competitor. This way you can do your best and not compete with another who may not be much of a doer anyway. I am 'off the beaten track' kind of a person but not many will like me and that does not bother me at all.
• Malaysia
2 Mar 10
i cannot live alone for long or live in isolation. i like to be alone every day for an hour or so to have my own privacy. no man is an island. man is a social being and need to be part of a tribe or society or communites or a part of the nation. at times, out of circumstances, i have to travel alone or stay alone in a hotel on business or alone to run my errands. i may be alone but i am not lonely. i need family and friends to be connected to and to feel the need to belong, am loved and to be loved in return. without it, i dont know what becomes of me. i dont want to think of it.remember Moses was in the wilderness tending sheep for 40 years. i really dont know how he manage it. years later he did lead the Israelities,who were slaves out of Egypt. finally, he was united with his people. birds of a feather flock together.water finds its own level. i notice you have an independent streak and that is good as you stand on your own 2 feet and do not wish to inconvenience feel free to be on your own. there would come a time in the season of life that you need to cooperate with fellow beings to get things done. your first connection is your family, the nucleus of society. then you broaden your area of influence to include the rest. life is like that. that is my opinion.